Why Enroll in RSVP?

RSVP Volunteers of Central Massachusetts shows you how you can apply the skills and wisdom you’ve acquired throughout your life to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

A part of Senior Corps, and a program of Family Services of Central MA, RSVP is America’s largest volunteer network for people 55 and over, with more than 300,000 volunteers tackling tough issues in communities nationwide.

You choose how and where you want to serve, how much time you want to give and whether you want to share skills you have or develop new ones.

Funding for liability insurance, mileage reimbursement and extra auto coverage is available to all RSVP Volunteers of Central MA.

Learn new skills, meet new people, and lead a healthier, more-fulfilled life.

We offer our volunteers:

  • Accident and liability supplemental insurance
  • Optional travel reimbursement
  • E-blasts to let you know about extra special volunteer opportunities
  • Human connection with others through service
  • Special events!

Contact us to make a difference in your community today!


Studies show that volunteering helps us enjoy healthier, longer, and more fulfilling lives. Most of our volunteers tell us that they get more out of volunteering than the folks they are helping. Volunteering with RSVP keeps people connected to their community and provides outstanding social opportunities to meet other like-minded volunteers all year long.

Value – a desire to help those less fortunate than themselves / a selfless concern for the well-being of others.
  • “I am concerned about those less fortunate than myself”
  • “I am genuinely concerned about the particular group I am serving”
  • “I feel compassion toward people in need”
  • “I can do something for a cause that is important to me”
  • “I feel it is important to help others”
Social – to meet new people and make new friends or to be with their friends.
  • “My friends volunteer”
  • “People I am close to want me to volunteer”
  • “Others to whom I am close place a high value on community service”
  • “Volunteering is an important activity to the people I know best”
  • “People I know share an interest in community service”
Protective – as a means to “work through their own personal problems” and “a good escape”
  • “No matter how bad I’ve been feeling, volunteering helps me to forget about it”
  • “By volunteering I feel less lonely”
  • ”Volunteering helps me work through my own personal problems”
  • “Volunteering is a good escape from my own troubles”
  • “Doing volunteer work relieves me of some of the guilt over being more fortunate than others”
Understanding – seek to explore their own strengths and expand their understanding of the cause and other volunteers.
  • “I can learn more about the cause for which I am working”
  • “Volunteering allows me to gain a new perspective on things”
  • “Volunteering lets me learn through direct hands-on experience”
  • “I can learn how to deal with a variety of people”
  • “I can explore my own strengths”
Enhancement (esteem) – to make themselves feel more important and needed.
  • “Volunteering makes me feel important”
  • “Volunteering increases my self-esteem”
  • “Volunteering makes me feel needed”
  • “Volunteering is a way to make new friends”
  • “Volunteering makes me feel better about myself”


To receive more info about enrolling in RSVP please contact us by phone, email or by using the form below.

Barbara Drapos – Director, RSVP Central MA Volunteers 128 Providence St. Suite 305, Worcester, MA 01604 Tel: 508-791-7787 Fax: 508-791-7780 info@rsvpcentralma.org


Learn new skills, meet new people, and lead a healthier, more-fulfilled life. Contact us today to make a difference in your community!