RSVP’s Senior Fraud HelpLine

The Senior Fraud Prevention Initiative helps seniors recognize, resist and report fraud.

When calling the HelpLine, you will find a peer who may have had a similar experience to yours. You will speak with a person trained and knowledgeable about what to do next; a confidante who cares about your fears.

A single phone call could save a caller’s finances and mitigate their feelings of isolation in what is typically a very difficult situation. A referral may also be included and local advocates may be contacted. With phone numbers and names at the fingertips of the HelpLine volunteer, the caller is easily put in touch with a person or organization who may be most helpful. While recovering lost money is not always possible, stopping any future loss is likely.

The volunteers answering these calls have been trained to identify the tell-tale signs of scams and frauds. They are trained by experts from the Worcester County DA’s Office, the Consumer Rights Program of the Massachusetts AG’s Office, with additional input from a social worker, the Protective Services Manager of Elder Services, and a retired Inspector for Internal Affairs from MA Dept. of Revenue.

RSVP’s Senior Fraud HelpLine receives calls from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday through Friday.


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Fraud Brigade

The “Fraud Brigade” offers volunteers “in place” service at their own senior centers in Worcester County.

Volunteers are trained in “active listening” so that when approached at their senior center, they know how to calm the sometimes-frantic seniors. Too embarrassed to tell their own families or confused by what a potential scammer has offered or demanded of them; they may not be thinking clearly.

Simply having someone to listen as they try to think through their situation may be the best antidote for them.

Fraud Brigade volunteers receive regular updates from the RSVP Coordinator and are aware of the many warning signals of the fraud epidemic. He or she understands how to ask pertinent questions in ways that help soothe the senior. If necessary, the senior may be encouraged to call the Senior Fraud HelpLine, or the Fraud Brigade volunteer may offer to place the call for the senior, paving the way for a call to the well-trained volunteer staffing the HelpLine.

The goal is to recruit Fraud Brigade volunteers for each senior center and some congregate senior housing in the county.

Fraud Squad Players

The “Fraud Squad Players” perform original, scripted scenes depicting current scams and frauds targeting seniors.

This group of volunteers performs three such scenes for senior audiences at each engagement. The scenes may be humorous and serious, depending on the fraud. They are also gender neutral so that all roles – perpetrator or potential victim – may be played by males or females.

Each performance is followed by a volunteer-led discussion of the importance of sharing information and concludes with a spokesperson asking for those in attendance to call the Senior Fraud HelpLine if they believe someone is actively attempting to scam or defraud them.

Seniors are also encouraged to call if they have sent money and now fear they have been scammed or if they no longer trust that someone in their own family regarding their own finances. Audience members receive printed material with the Toll-Free number to the Senior Fraud HelpLine: 1-800-297-9760.

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To receive more info about enrolling in RSVP please contact us by phone, email or by using the form below.

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