Mediation Department Trainings

Basic Mediation Training

Our 40-hour Basic Mediation Training provides an intensive 5 days of fully exploring, diagnosing, teaching, and hands on coaching of the mediation process from the initial greeting of parties to drafting a mediated agreement. We encourage people to attend from all walks of life and for whatever reasons! The training includes lectures, role playing, fish bowl activities, improv techniques, freeze frame practice, pragmatic vs. intuitive recognition, into the heat techniques, after 5 Club, and concludes with a 40-hour certificate to acknowledge training is completed. Our training follows a facilitative model.

FSCM’s training complies with the Massachusetts Confidentiality Statute MGL Chapter 233 sec. 23C and the MA Supreme Judicial Court’s Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution Rule 8(c)(i) which together define and outline the expectations and requirements necessary to become a Mediator in the Commonwealth.

Our next 40 HR. Basic Mediation Training is October 10, 12, 17, & 19 from 5-9pm and October 13, 14, & 20 from 9am to 5pm. Registration is now open. 

October 2018 Basic Mediation Training flyer 


People seek mediation training for a variety of personal or professional reasons. Maybe you are: a student considering mediation as a career; a mental health professional looking to broaden your skills; a lawyer seeking to add services to your practice and/or make a career shift; a retired person looking for a way to give back; or someone who simply wants to add mediation skills to your toolbox and figure out how you might want to apply them down the road. Whatever your reason, you are welcome here!


We offer a practicum for those who wish to pursue mediation here at FSCM. The practicum begins with observing Small Claims cases. New Mediators then move on to Co-mediating with and being mentored by a Court Coordinator until such time the Coordinator feels pairing with other Volunteer Mediators is appropriate.

We require a minimum one year, once a month commitment for all new Volunteers who elect to pursue the practicum.

FSCM provides monthly 2-hour trainings the last Wednesday of every month to assist Mediators in obtaining the requisite 6-hour minimum Continuing Education credits.

Additional advanced trainings are available to Mediators who have completed Basic Mediation Training.

Read the comments from our 2018 Winter Basic Mediation Training class.


After years in the business, your trainers, Sabrina Bohun and Kathleen Ruane-Leedy, have expanded the Basic Mediation Training curriculum to truly dissect each part and help students get a better grasp of mediation skills from the beginning. We are going to make you work and practice and work some more. We have made sure to inject some fun to keep it engaging! We welcome you to come be a part of the magic happening in Worcester. Contact Sabrina Bohun at sbohun@fscm.org.

Financial Literacy-How to Divorce in Good Financial Health

Join us for an intuitive and comprehensive presentation followed by a Q & A: How to Divorce in Good Financial Health. Next training is September 19, 2018 from 5:30-7:30pm at FSCM, 31 Harvard Street, Worcester MA 01609. RSVP to sbohun@fscm.org.

Financial Literacy Flyer


FSCM will be closed on Tuesday, March 13th due to the inclement weather.