Remember when you were a kid how fun it was to do some hobbies with your parents or grandparents? Today, you may find yourself in a role reversal situation by serving as a care companion for that same aging in place elderly relative. Numerous studies have found that the more active a senior is, the more likely they are to enjoy a higher quality of life and more independent lifestyle. One reliable way for care companions to provide emotional support is by participating with their senior in some new hobbies, starting with these 5.

How Learning New Hobbies Helps Seniors

According to psychologists, once an individual reaches their golden years learning certain skills gets easier than when they were younger. Furthermore, researchers have discovered that when the average person is in their late 60s and early 70s, their brain’s total accumulation of facts and knowledge peaks. That means that most older adults have the capacity to learn something new, like a hobby, that ends up improving their lives in these ways:

  • Promotes creativity
  • Makes them happier
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Stimulates brain activity that helps ward off dementia
  • Leads to more social interactions and new friendships

The better a senior feels the more likely they are to stay healthy and independent as the aging process continues.

5 Hobby Ideas for Your Senior

Whether done outside or inside the home, here are 5 fun and rewarding hobbies seniors can enjoy together with their care companions:

Cooking Class

If mom used to cook for a large family but no longer does so, cooking on a smaller scale will allow her to use more flair and creativity. Taking a cooking class together and then trying new recipes at home can be a lot of fun. Once mom has perfected a dish, encourage her to invite some dinner guests over to share her newest culinary creation and some lively conversation.

Sketching or Painting

Most kids love to doodle and paint, so help your loved one recapture their youth by joining them for some sketching or painting classes at a local park or library. Sketching or painting pictures will reawaken the logical and creative centers in your senior’s brain, and there are even online art courses available through sites like

Brain-teasing Puzzles

Because memory loss commonly occurs within the elderly population, sitting down and doing some brain-teasing crossword or Sudoku puzzles with your senior will keep their mind sharp and help protect them from the cognitive effects of aging. The nice thing about mental-stimulating activities like puzzles is that they can be done anytime, anywhere.


Not only does gardening involve physical movements that benefit a senior’s body, it’s an outdoor activity that will expose the two of you to the sun’s invigorating rays. And, the healthy fruits and veggies that result will work well in some tasty, nutritious dishes. If neither one of you has a green thumb, going to a gardening class at the local library or community center could be a lot of fun.


Taking a craft class is not only a great way to spend quality time together, it’s a fun way to keep a senior’s hands busy and mind sharp. Some of the more inexpensive creative craft ideas out there include fabric painting, making mosaics, working with polymer clay or preparing gift baskets that you can then hand-deliver together to shut-ins, hospital patients or nursing home residents.

Our Hobby is Providing Affordable Senior Companionship

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